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Focus on industry forefront, explore scientific and technological innovation: 2016 CIPTE International Papermaking Technology Report held in Shanghai successfully

 Publisher:CNPPRI;Release time:2016-10-31    Views:209

2016 CIPTE International Papermaking Technology Report was held in Shanghai successfully on Oct. 12, 2016, which was undertaken by China Paper Magazine and co-hosted by China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI), German Papermaking Technology Institute (PTS) and CNPPRI. There were nearly 200 scientific and technical personnel from China, German, Canada, Japan, Finland and so on attending the report.

Mr. Cao Chunyu, secretary general of CTAPI, director of CNPPRI, presided over the opening ceremony while Mr. Cao Zhenlei, executive vice director of CTAPI, vice general manager of Sinolight Group, Mr. Frank Miletzky, director of PTS, made remarks respectively.

The technical report was chaired by Mr. Cao Chunyu in the morning. Mr. Cao Zhenlei, Mr. Frank Miletzky, Mr. Tiemo Arndt, manager of Fiber and Composites Division of PTS gave reports named “Review and Prospect of China’s Papermaking Industry in the Twelfth Five-year”, “2030 Paper and Fiber-Innovative Application of Papermaking Industry Driven by Industry 4.0”, “Application of Cavitation Technology to Improve Waste Paper Pulp’s Strength and Optical Properties”,respectively.

Mr. Fang Guigan, vice director of Academic Exchange Committee of CTAPI, vice director of Research Institute of Chemical Processing and Utilization of Forest Products of Chinese Academy of Forestry, hosted the report in the afternoon. Mr. Wolf Heilmann from Produkte für diepapiererzeugung, Mr.Peter Dahlvik, a senior application engineer from Omya International Ltd (Switzerland), Ms. Ben yuxia, a Lead researcher devoted in Cellulose Biomaterials Innovative Products in FPInnovations, Mr. Liu Juntai, a manager from Shenzhen City Sanlixingjuhetongchuang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. gave reports named “Energy Saving Drying and Processing Forming: Infrared Radiation Combined with Hot Air Drying to Improve Paper Performance”, “Optimize cost and surface quality with high solids coating”, “New Technology of Waste Paper Recycling”, “Present Situation of Papermaking Chemicals and its Development”.

The representatives had a lively discussion with speakers after the meeting.

Mr. Cao Chunyu summarized the report in the end and sincerely thanked all the speakers and representatives.