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Welcome Ms. Sun Bo, party secretary, to inspect Quzhou branch institute

 Publisher:CNPPRI;Release time:2016-10-31    Views:198

Accompanied by Mr. Liu Wen, director of Quzhou branch institute, Ms. Sun Bo, party secretary, visited Quzhou branch institute to guide the work.

Ms. Sun Bo was showed around the institute first, and then held a forum for all staff, listening to the first half of 2016 work report. Mr. Li Hongkai, assistant director, reported the work in the first half of 2016 concerning R&D, products and services, standards drafting & revising, information promotion, Longyou platform construction articles and patents publications, etc. Ms. Sun Bo asked for more information and made comments one by one according to the report. Followed by personal work and work plans reporting, Ms. Sun Bo summarized the meeting. She gave affirmation towards the work of the branch and put forward 3 requirements at the same time. Firstly, it was urgent for the branch to standardize internal management, sort out work contents, highlight the priorities, sound rules and regulations and divide labor reasonably. Secondly, only to investigate and interview local special paper enterprises could we find cooperation opportunities with them. Last but not least, strengthening the communication between staff helped to give full play to the role of the advanced platform, leading to better serve enterprises and raise CNPPRI’s awareness.