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Dr. MaoChang-bin from FPInnovations, Canada visited CNPPRI for academic exchange

 Publisher:CNPPRI;Release time:2016-10-19    Views:203

On September 12th, Dr. MaoChang-bin (senior scientist) from FPInnovations, Canada visited CNPPRI for academic exchange.

Dr. Mao first introduced the business mode of the company, then gave a thorough discussion on three topics in regarding to the transformative technologies in pulp and paper industry (P&P), namely from P&P to New Generation Materials, Biochemical and biofuel from cellulosic biomass, and FPInnovations’ TMP-Bio Technology. He also analyzed and evaluated the up and down of several important biorefinery enterprises in the world, and the issues of the technologies. At last, he made more details on the TMP-Bio Technology invented by FPInnovations and had a deep discussion with employees at CNPPRI.

In the morning of September 13th, Dr Mao came toInnovation Incubation Platform for Paper Industry in Langfai for visit. He gave a high praise to the status and facilities in the platform, and shared his experience in the functional extension of pilot plant at FPInnovations. He also gave some advices on the development of different grades of paper based on the existing facilities.