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People's daily overseas edition: Driving in the Full Speed for Healthy State-owned Enterprise

 Publisher:CNPPRI;Release time:2016-10-19    Views:215

Currently, China State-owned Enterprise Structure Adjustment Fund Limited by Share Ltd was established in Beijing. It is reported that the fund was entrusted by SASAC, led by China Chengtong Group, invested by the Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Group, Sinopec and other central enterprises with a total investment of 350 billion RMB. So far, the two major state-owned reform funds identified by SASAC, includingthe state owned capital venture capital fund and state owned enterprise structure adjustment fund, have been set up. Analysts pointed out that the reform initiatives were frequently implemented recently, meaning in the next period, state-owned enterprises will drive in the full speed into the reform lane through self improving quality and efficiency, the optimizing and restructuring among state-owned enterprises, learning from state-owned enterprises and social capital. Therefore, people will have the confidence in the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition