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Prof. Yan Ning and Prof. Ramin Farnood from University of Toronto, Canada visited CNPPRI for academic exchange

 Publisher:CNPPRI;Release time:2016-09-12    Views:222
On July 12th, Prof. Yan Ning and Prof. Ramin Farnood from Department of Applied Science and Engineering at University of Toronto, Canada visited CNPPRI for academic exchange. Staff from R&D department, China Pulp and Paper Magazine Publisher, National Paper Quality Supervision and Testing Center, and other departments joined this activity.
Prof. Yan gave the presentation with the topic of Value-added Green Chemicals and Products from Bark Residues. She first introduced the bark resources in Canada, the characterization of bark, and then focused on how to apply direct liquefaction or chemical extraction method on bark as raw material for the preparation of bio-based adhesive and foam material, potential to replace petroleum-based products. Prof. Ramin Farnood presented the research in Enhancing the Wet Strength Properties of Ligno-cellulosic Materials Using Biobased Strength Additives. Before the presentation, Farnood first gave an overview of the University of Toronto, and the advanced equipments in the characterization of the physical structure and chemical properties of the materials in the university. In the subsequent report, Farnood talked about three different bio-based chemical agents for enhancing paper wet strength properties: glutaraldehyde (GA)-chitosan, Modified GA-chitosan and self-assemblying layer by layer (LBL) CMC-chitosan. Combining individual characteristics, Farnood gave a detail introduction about the impact of these three agents on the pulp fiber processing method, dry strength and wet strength reinforcing effect and principles.
After the presentations, we had an active discussion with Prof. Yan Ning and Ramin Farnood, also introduced some main research going at CNPPRI to them.