• In order to enrich cultural life of workingfellows, promote positive corporation culture, CNPPRI organized the Third StaffFun Game on September 29th. There are 4 divisions, and two...[Detailed]
  • On September 12th,Dr. MaoChang-bin (senior scientist) from FPInnovations, Canada visited CNPPRIfor academic exchange.Dr. Mao first introduced the businessmode of the company, then ...[Detailed]
  • On August 18th, the 60th anniversary of CNPPRI and Paper-based Functional Materials Innovation Incubator Platform promotion were held in Langfang, Hebei. More than 120 representati...[Detailed]
  • On July 29th, the Youth League Committee at CNPPRI organized members and new recruits to visit Sinolight Specialty Fiber Products Co. Ltd. the secretary of party committee Sun Bo a...[Detailed]

The  National  Engineering  Laboratory  for  Pulp  and  Paper  in  CNPPRI  was  established  upon  approval  from  the  State  Development  &  Reform  Commission  and  is  the  only  one  of  the  kind  within   ...  [Detailed]