• At 9 o’clock of February 17, 2016, Zhang Weigang, the deputy head ofChaoyang District, came to Sinolight Plaza for inspecting fire prevention work before“two sessions”, under th...[Detailed]
  • On January 14, 2015 youth leaguemember conference was held by CNPPRI. Party Secretary Sun Bo and the wholeleague members attended the conference. Sun Yanhua, the secretary of youth...[Detailed]
  • On December 25,theconference of election at expiration of office terms of CNPPRI Labor Union wasorganized in second-floor conference room. The leadership members and morethan 40 re...[Detailed]
  • In theafternoon of November 5, a communication meeting of R&D Department was heldby CNPPRI, aiming to improve the communication and exchange of the innertechnology information....[Detailed]

The  National  Engineering  Laboratory  for  Pulp  and  Paper  in  CNPPRI  was  established  upon  approval  from  the  State  Development  &  Reform  Commission  and  is  the  only  one  of  the  kind  within   ...  [Detailed]